Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa!

Trekking Packages

The best times to climb Kilimanjaro

  • January to March: These are the best months for climbing. Temperatures are warm and skies are mostly clear.
  • From April to mid-June: This is the rainy season. The temperatures are always warm but the risk of showers is frequent in the lower parts of the ascent. Clouds can reduce visibility in forested parts.
  • From late June to August: Temperatures can be very low at night, but on the other hand, the sky is completely clear above 3,000 m.
  • September and October: These months are also considered a very good time for climbing, with rising temperatures and low rainfall.
  • November and December: Possibility of storm with heavy snowfall towards the summit, but very good visibility of the mountain at night and at dawn.

Items Included:

- Right of access to Kilimanjaro
- Rescue fees / Medical kit
- All meals in the mountains
- Accommodation in the mountains
- 2 nights at Springlands Hotel
- Experienced guides and porters

Items Excluded:

- International flights
- Visa (50$USD)
- climbing equipment (sleeping bag…)
- Tips
- Insurance
- Kilimanjaro airport transfers.

Mount Kilimanjaro
The roof of Africa, the highest free volcanic mountain that can be climbed to the top!
Mount Meru
The highest peak after Kilimanjaro, which can be climbed through unique trekking
Kilimanjaro BC
A special trekking experience for people of all interests. The experience is one of a kind

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Take the time to review our climbing routes to plan your trekking adventure.

Marangu Route -
7 Days

exceptional adventures

Shira Route -
9 Days

exceptional adventures

Marangu -
8 Days

exceptional adventures

Rongai -
7 Days

exceptional adventures

Machame - 9 Days

exceptional adventures

Lemosho - 9 Days

exceptional adventures

Rongai- 6 Days

exceptional adventures

Umbwe Route -
7 Days

exceptional adventures

When to go to Kilimanjaro National Park?

The best season to visit Tanzania is the long dry season, which runs from July to September. These months are considered the best for game drives, the great migration, treks and beach holidays in Zanzibar. Of course, these months correspond to the high travel season.

Breathtaking views!

Trekking is an outdoor activity that involves walking for more than one day. At Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking is more than an activity, it’s a fun endeavor that leaves memories for a lifetime! It is a walk undertaken for the specific purpose of exploring and appreciating the landscape. Trekking can be a motive, a commitment, a goal, an objective, a mission, a party, a social gathering. Either way, let us help you make it a reality.

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